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Feb 17 2015

5 Things to Make 2015 the BEST Year for Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising

The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce wanted to kick off 2015 with an inspirational and practical talk on how to make the year the best ever. Geared to both nonprofit staff members and volunteers (like board members), Marc’s high energy presentation was recorded for the community access television and is reshown here with their permission.

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Jan 26 2013

The Art of Fundraising – An Icarus Presentation

On Wednesday, Seth Godin invited me and five other people to give Icarus presentations after his talk at MIT.

We each had 140 seconds to talk about the “art” we made.

Here’s how I described fundraising! You can see the video below are on YouTube at:

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Nov 13 2011

Chatting nonprofit use of video with C.C. Chapman

While at BlogWorld Expo in LA, I got to sit in the dotTV booth and chat with C.C. Chapman about lots of things, especially the use of video by nonprofits. Here’s the result!

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Nov 12 2011

Talking Google+ at BlogWorld Expo LA

I gave a couple talks at this month’s BlogWorld Expo in LA.

While I was there, Lynette Young asked me about my thoughts on Google+ for Nonprofits. Here’s what I said.

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Oct 25 2011

Introverts and Extroverts Keynote by Marc A. Pitman

I has a great time keynoting with Rob Hatch and John Haydon at the Philanthropy Midwest Conference on October 8 in Kansas City. This short clip captures some of my talk on personality styles, teams, and fundraising.

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Jul 20 2011

Marc A. Pitman’s Storytelling Keynote at the AMA 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Conference

I had the honor to give a keynote at the AMA’s 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Conference. And Elaine Fogel got a brief bootleg recording of part of my nonprofit storytelling talk.

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